I build games. Interested in working together? Drop me a line!

You'll probably want to see my github, and my resume.

Into the Dark thumbnailIn the second half of 2018 I helped the NYC studio Orc Punk program and ship Into the Dark: Narakan, a roguelike on iOS that took home "Mobile Game of the Year" at the Playcrafting Bit Awards.

In the summer of 2019 I completed a 10-week, full-stack web development bootcamp, and from May to August 2020 I was a frontend software engineering intern with the language-learning company Babbel.

I'm currently working towards a BSc in Computer Engineering and a minor in Applied Math at Columbia University.

On the side, I head the tiny interactive media company Dossamer, a registered Nintendo developer. Dossamer's been an on-and-off project since 2017, but I've actually been coding since 2007. My first language was Python, and now I mostly work in C#. (I cut my OOP teeth on Java.)

I also dabble in voice over narration and audio production.

jam entries

Sandbox Pyromania
Unity and a notepad
Solo entry
January 2019

Breadrunner: Ultimate Sandwich
Unity, ZBrush, Blender
Role: Coder & technical artist
June 2018

Planet Kazoo
Unity & Blender
Role: Character Artist & IT
January 2018

Unreal Engine & Blender
Role: Character Artist
January 2017

Dungeon Mage
Solo competition entry
June 2013


take a look at:

the C# source files for a project I was working on last year

the Unity assets I've published

a MeteorJS productivity-tracking app I wrote in high school

a code documentation example

fun things in your browser!

Dynamic camera, painted vertices, Unity & Blender, Jan 2018

Gnome person, Unity & Blender, Jan 2017

Baked normals + dynamic reflection, Unity & Blender, Nov 2017

A Boy and His Golem, GameMaker & Moho, March 2013

particular repos


frontend dev work



just to prove i'm literate

here's my medium


check out my artstation, and my sketchfab